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Unwind and Excel

October 16, 20232 min read

“It does good to take walks out of doors, that our spirits may be raised and refreshed by the open air and fresh breeze.” - Seneca


Unwind and Excel

I have recently been talking with clients about how they look after their overall health and fitness in order to decrease stress at work and therefore feel good and be more creative and make better decisions.

We don't live in different pockets, however much we think we categorise different areas of our life, work, home, fitness, friends, etc - it is about how we balance all these areas and create the life we want.

Making sure we have the right mindset to do this is fundamental and when we are feeling fit and healthy, we automatically look after ourselves better, eat well and enjoy being in the moment rather than worrying about decisions we made in the past or ones we are going to make in the future.

Being able to understand our thinking and how we can development our mindset to help us create more opportunities to do the things we want to do and have the business we want to have are the building blocks we need to put in place.

When I’m talking to people I am always interested in what they do outside of work and how I can help support and encourage this aspect as well – I often choose to have meetings outside, going for a walk rather than sitting at a desk – and leading a Netwalking group for Your Partnerships as so many people have very different conversations away from the desk and much more productive ones!

The main point is that making your health and fitness part of your business means that you are not trying to fit everything in to 'spare time' or feeling guilty for taking time out during the day - as it all becomes part of your goal to create a growing and sustainable business alongside a healthy mind and healthy body.

What do you do to get away from your desk and create a more healthy environment for you and your team?

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Annie Page

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